Dentists’ advice to patients on teeth maintenance

Most people are born with strong, white and healthy teeth. Nevertheless, how long this lasts is determined by the extent of maintenance of teeth. Therefore, it is important to handle one’s teeth with all the care to prevent the possible defects that may result from negligence. It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure.

The following are some of the ways that David Maisey – the Denali Family Dental expert and dentist Anchorage trusts – would recommend for maintenance of teeth:

Pay often trips to the dentists

Dentists advise that you should visit the dentist after every span of three months. On the contrary, many people will seldom visit the dentistry premises until a problem arises. This makes the problems that may have been solved in a pretty easy way complicated. This not only becomes expensive to remedy, but also takes a while. In some cases, teeth that would have been rectified by simply filling have to be excavated. This means that the patient cannot help but incur an extra expense to have the tooth replaced.

maisey2Brush your teeth regularly

Brushing may sound simple and too obvious. However, a good number of people still seldom bush their teeth. This makes them produce an awful stench of breath such that one would not enjoy being sited next to them. It also provides bacteria with an opportune moment to act on the teeth thus causing major depression. Doctors advise that you should brush your teeth at least twice everyday; in the morning and before retiring to bed. This ensures that the accumulated food particles and sugars are gotten rid off. By so doing, you keep your teeth free from possible cavities.

Feed on healthy foods

According to doctors, taking a balanced diet is recommended as a pretty easy way of chasing ailments. Dentists recommend that you should take foods that are rich in calcium as a way of maintaining strong teeth. Calcium rich foods include: milk, spinach, bone soup, sugarcane and so on. Therefore, feeding on these foods assist people in strengthening their teeth. This prevents breakage of teeth on mere accidents. Eventually, the cost that you would have incurred in having the problems fixed is saved.

Ensure proper care for your teeth

Be super careful about what you do with your teeth. A good number of people are used to habits like opening soda bottles with teeth, cracking nuts and other hard objects. All these acts pose a great menace to the health of teeth. They cause the teeth to weaken or cause bleeding gums to such victims. This causes often visits to dentists or pharmaceutical shops seeking for pain killers. These are stuff that can be avoided by simply using the correct tools for their corrective purpose.


After all is said and done, it is upon you to do the necessary in order to give a longer span to your teeth. However, dentists say that following these steps can greatly assist in increasing the span of teeth while in good condition still.


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