Porcelain Veneers

Teeth operations carried out by dentists

Dentists are concerned about the oral health of their patients. In fact, it is practically impossible to ignore the role played by dentists in the Anchorage area in their medical field of specialization. Teeth have a magical effect in improving the entire appearance of a person not forgetting their great aid in feeding. Dentists therefore work round the clock in order to assist patients have their teeth problem addressed in the most ideal way so as to appear real.


Let us look at some of the teeth operations that dentists can be counted on for:

Filling of teeth

Dentists help to fix the problem of teeth cavity by refilling them with white porcelain made substances that appear as a real teeth. The dentist begins by administering anesthesia to make the tooth numb. This is followed by eli8mination of the decayed part; a drill may help in this. The drill applied is called a hand piece. Using metal cones that are known as burs, the dentist cuts through the enamel to attain the desired shape and size depending on the bur used. After shaping the space, the desired filling is put to replace the extracted decayed part.

Teeth extraction

Though permanent teeth may last for a long time, sometimes they may e too won out for refilling. If such tooth is refilled, it only lasts temporarily. Tooth extraction begins with an anesthesia injection to make the tooth num thus preventing you from feeling pain. The doctor uses some pair of forceps to hold the tooth while making sure they don’t hurt the gum. They rock the tooth back and fore so as to loosen it from the gum thus making it super easy to remove the tooth.

Fitting of bridgework

This refers to the act of replacing the whole set of natural teeth with a fixed bridge for patients that may be lacking all the teeth. The framework is normally fitted on the existing teeth in order to take position of the missing teeth. Once fitted bridgework, you should handle it with a lot of care just like the ordinary teeth. This ensures that it sticks firm and lasts for a longer time.

Teeth whitening

Dentists prepare concoction with the appropriate and harmless ingredients to clean stained teeth beyond recognition by people who had seen the patients before. This concoction is made of harmless ingredients and thus does not have ad side effects. Some people have developed permanent stain on their teeth that mare brushing cannot remove. Such stains could have resulted from the strongly salty water as well as change of environment among others. The remedy of teeth whitening brings a wholesome effect on the patient’s look.


Dentists fit the crown on top of the tooth surface and held in place by use of dental cement. The tooth is fist shaped in the desired manner something that may involve drilling. This only happens after the adjacent teeth are made numb. The tooth is then built up with some material to support the crown. Dentists ensure that the crown fitted matches with the surrounding teeth for uniformity. The color, shape and the size dimensions have to match.


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